We (used to) hire out traditional oak/mahogany (not modern mdf look-a-like) Bar Billiard tables to pubs in the Dover, Sandwich and Canterbury triangle. on a pure profit share basis, no flat rental. All league proceeds were ploughed back into the league. There were no entry fees for entering competitions. Interested in this fine game that so many people 'Used To Play'and takes up so little space in a pub?? then ring Chris Saville on 01304 372867.

July 23rd 2022

The league has now officially folded and all the assets have been sold this week.

Tables still remain in the Five Bells (Eastry), Anchor (Wingham) and Dover Sea Angling Club.

A presentation of a cheque for £12600 will be made to Walmer Lifeboat to fund new PPE equipment for all the crews

This website will close at the end of November 2022


April 29th 2022, It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of our Chairman and multiple past champion, Mike Callanan.

March  2022, The league remains suspended until September 2022, new table in The Five Bells Eastry

Latest News January 2022

The planned restart of the league on Jan 11th has been deferred due to the Omicron variant. An E.G.M. is planned at the Market Inn on Thursday Jan 20th.

Latest News  2021

Pubs will be able to fully reopen from 21st June. It is unclear whether social distancing restrictions will allow bar billiards to be played.

The Market Inn, Fleur and Red Cow tables are in  storage,  We have to establish whether the tables will be welcomed back. The league also has to establish whether teams wish to restart the league.


Our League

Did you used to play Bar Billiards and are feeling nostalgic? Have you seen our, now unusual, game in a pub and wondered what it would be like to play? Several of our teams are desperate for new players! We play singles and pairs and our break restricted pairs format will mean that everyone has a chance and no-one will be disgraced. Still interested? contact the League Competition Secretary by email Click Here Help us to keep this wonderful traditional old pub game going! We own our tables, there are no entry fees and all proceeds are ploughed back into the league.



League Jelks Bar Billiards table

June 15th 2022 Message From The Chair,

Hi all,


You will all be aware that at our last Committee Meeting in February, when we discussed the future of the League, it was agreed that we would reconsider the position again in 6 months. in the hope that we may have more teams than the potential 4 seen at that time.


However, with Mike's passing and the loss of another team at the Alma, we now have only 3 confirmed teams at this time and there seems little or no prospect of additional teams and certainly short of the 6 teams which we considered necessary to make it worthwhile continuing the League.


In the circumstances, I have discussed the position with our Competition Secretary, Craig, our table expert, Chris, and others as opportunity has arisen. Agreement appears common that there seems little point in prolonging the League and, to this end, I now propose holding an Annual General Meeting early in July (see details below), at which only one proposition will be tabled as follows:


"That the Dover Deal & District Bar Billiards League be wound up and, in accordance with the Rules of the League, 'If for any reason the league shall cease to exist, the properties and assets of the league shall be disposed of in such a manner as the committee shall think fit.' "


Date of Annual General Meeting: Tuesday 5th July 2022

Time of Meeting:                             8 p.m.

Venue:                                              Fleur de Lis, Sandwich (T. B. C.)


In accordance with the League Rules for a General Meeting, all registered players will be entitled to vote at this meeting, with 10 registered players present needed form a quorum. As far as registered players are concerned, this can only be measured by the players who took part in the last full competition run by the League, being the Winter League 2019-2020 which finished in February 2020. Confirmation of eligible players can be found in the Player Rankings for that competition on the League website.


As you may have seen from the League website, Chris has confirmed that, he will no longer be able to store and continue to maintain the stock of tables and sundry items, a role which he has undertaken selflessly and expertly for many years. In anticipation of the likely winding up of the League, Chris has, with full support of both Craig and myself, started to prepare a detailed inventory of the League's stock of tables and other materials and has sounded out a number of potential buyers for this stock.


Tim Bourner

Vice Chairman (Acting Chairman)

Dover Deal & District Bar Billiards League


N.B. it is planned to hold a disposal committee meeting immediately after the A.G.M should the vote be for dissolution, so any offers of interest need confirming prior to the A.G.M.

League assets Click Here


Pre Covid: The League welcomes a new team


Dover Sea Angling Club


Dover Sea Angling Club.

New to the League this season are a welcome addition at the Dover Sea Angling Club, a pleasant venue that does real ale, unusual for a small club.


Featured in the photo above are three generations of the Davison family playing bar billiards. 2nd left Jay 3rd left Gregg and right Ted Also from left. Mark, Chris and Dave.


Already causing a stir they are enjoying a successful first season, finishing second in division two and having players through to the semi finals of the knock-outs. We wish them well!