KNOCK-OUTS 2019-2020



Hello All

The knockout draws were held on Thursday 31st October at the Fleur de Lis.
Firstly, next meeting is scheduled for January 16th 2020 at the Fleur.
Dates to be given by the 14th November, matches to be played by 12th Jan.

First named players are the home players in all competitions.

Alternate rules - round one
Vonnie Ryan (Market) vs Craig Carlson
Chris Saville (Red Cow) vs Cat Peel
Dave Allsopp (SAC) vs Gregg Davison
byes for Derek Latham, Mark graves, Neville Potts, Tim Bourner, Chris Lee, Martin Lillywhite, Lin Callanan, Mike Callanan, Terry Laslett, Thurne Evans, Graham Carlson & Myrna Carlson

Open Singles
Thurne Evans (Market) vs Craig Carlson
Gregg Davision (SAC) vs Nigel Scott
Derek Latham (Fleur) vs Terry Laslett
Dave Allsopp (SAC) vs Mike Callanan
Warren Cowdrey (Alma) vs Mark Graves
Tim Bourner (Red Cow) vs Neville Potts
Chris Saville bye
Cat Peel bye

Division One
Derek Lartham (Fleur) vs Craig Carlson
Terry Laslett (Alma) vs Warren Cowdrey
Dave Howarth (Alma) vs Nigel Scott
byes for Mark Graves, Chris Saville, Neville Potts, Tim Bourner, Mike Callanan

Division Two
Graham Carlson (Market) vs Dave Allsopp
byes for Gregg Davison, Chris Lee, Martin Lillywhite, Cat Peel, Thurne Evans, Vonnie Ryan, Paul Garforth

Open Pairs
Craig Carlson & Derek Latham (Fleur) vs Neville Potts & Chris Saville
byes for Graves/Scott, Bourner/Sampson, Farra/Butcher, Davison/Davison, Lee/Allsopp, Howrth/Laslett, G Carlson/Evans

Ladies Singles, Ladies Pairs & Mixed Pairs were not drawn

Finally, the new Handicap Competition:
Gregg Davison (800) (SAC) vs Thurne Evans (600)
Mike Callanan (200) (Alma) vs Craig Carlson (0)
Vonnie Ryan (1,800) (Market) vs Nigel Scott (400)
Lin Callanan (1,600) vs Terry Laslett ((1,200)
byes for Dave Allsopp, Cat Peel, Graham Carlson, Paul Garforth

Handicaps were based on last season's averages, and as 12 players have entered 200 points start was awarded per poisition. These are the handicaps, that will stay in place until the conclusion, and apply in all legs. In all rounds untilt the Final, the lowest ranked player will be the home player. Here are the players, ranked 1 to 12:
1. Craig Carlson
2. Mike Callanan 200
3. Nigel Scott 400
4. Thurne Evans 600
5. Gregg Davison 800
6. Cat Peel 1,000
7. Terry Laslett 1,200
8. Graham Carlson 1,400
9. Lin Callanan 1,600
10. Vonnie Ryan 1,800
11. Paul Garforth 2,000
12. Dave Allsopp 2,200 (did not play last season)

Contact sheets for all compeitions will be emailed tomorrow (Sunday)