KNOCK-OUTS 2018-2019


 Quarter Finals (Second Half)

Hello All

The committee was held at the Fleur de Lis on Thursday 21st Feb. Draws for 5 of the knockout competitions were held.
For all, dates to be given by 7th March, to be played by 17th March, next meeting 21st March.

First, three quarter-finals were drawn. The first named player is the home player, they will be expected to contact their opponent to give dates and to provide a scorer, matches to be player on their table.

Division One Singles
Mark Graves (Fleur) v Neville Potts
Dave Howarth (Magnet) v Craig Carlson
Warren Cowdrey (Magnet) v Terry Laslett
Derek Latham (Fleur) v Chris Saville

Alternate Rules
Ricky Cowdrey (Magnet) v Chris Saville
Neville Potts (Red Cow) v Martin Lillywhite
Gregg Davison (Dover WMC) v Mark Graves
Derek Latham (Fleur) v Tim Bourner or Mike Callanan

Mixed Pairs
G Carlson & C Peel (Market) v M & L Callanan
R & S Cowdrey (Magnet) v D Latham & V Ryan
T Bourner & C King (Red Cow) v C & G Saville
C Carlson & A Keen (Fleur) v W Cowdrey & D Williams

Two semi-finals were also drawn. These will be played on the named neutral tables. The first drawn player will be considered the 'home' player concerning contacting their opponent and providing a scorer.

Division Two Singles
Lin Callanan v Paul Giles (at the Market Inn)
Martin Lillywhite v Gregg Davison (at the Magnet)

Ladies Pairs
Michelle Wood & Wendy Ellis v Ann Keen & Myrna Carlson (at the Red Cow)
Lin Callanan & Gill Saville v Cat Peel & Vonnie Ryan (at the Fleur)