KNOCK-OUTS 2017-2018



Hello All

The committee meeting was held at the Fleur de Lis this Thursday 18th Jan.

Here are the knockout draws, all competitions at Quarter-final stage. 

The first named player is the home player, and is expected to contact their opponent to give dates, and to provide a scorer.

Dates to be given by 1st Feb
To be played by Sunday 18th Feb
Next meeting 22nd Feb

Open Singles
Ricky Cowdrey (Magnet) vs Mark Graves
Tim Bourner (Red Cow) vs Craig Carlson
Dave Howarth (Magnet) vs Derek Latham
Terry Laslett (Magnet) vs Neville Potts

Alternate Rules
Mike Callanan (Magnet) vs Terry Laslett
Mark Graves (Fleur) vs Dave Howarth
Derek Latham (Fleur) vs Lin Callanan
Tim Bourner (Red Cow) vs Craig Carlson

Division One Singles
Derek Latham (Fleur) vs Mike Callanan
Terry Laslett (Magnet) vs Tim Bourner
Craig Carlson (Fleur) vs Chris Saville
Ricky Cowdrey or Neville Potts vs Warren Cowdrey

Division Two
Michelle Wood (DWMC) vs Wendy Ellis
Graham Carlson (Market Inn) vs Vonnie Ryan
Sharon Macey (DWMC) vs Steph Macey
Cat Peel = bye

Mixed Pairs
Chris & Gill Saville (Red Cow) vs W Cowdrey & D Williams
D Latham & V Ryan (Fleur) vs T Bourner & C KIng (Red Cow)
R & S Cowdrey (Magnet) vs D & S Howarth
C Carlson & A Keen (Fleur) vs M & L Callanan

Ladies Singles
Myrna Carlson (Market Inn) vs Wendy Ellis
Michelle Wood (DWMC vs Ann Keen
Steph Macey (DWMC) vs Lin Callanan
Cat Peel (Market Inn) vs Sharon Macey

Ladies Pairs
Ann Keen & Myrna Carlson (Market Inn) vs Gill Saville & Lin Callanan
byes for C Peel & V Ryan, M Wood & Steph Macey, W Ellis & Sharon macey

Not drawn:
Open pairs (already at semi-final stage)

Finally, the Challenge Cup (the knockout team compeition played using triangles) - that will be drawn at the next meeting, anyone interested in entering please let me know.  Don't forget, one leg must be a mixed pairs.

Many thanks