KNOCK-OUTS 2015-2016



Hello All

Firstly, Finals Night is confirmed and booked with the Fleur de Lis for Tuesday 10th May!!

Draws for the Open Singles, Division One Singles & Open Pairs Quarter-finals were made Thursday 25th Feb at the Fleur de Lis, Sandwich.  All other competitions are down to the semi-finals, all semis will be drawn at the next meeting.
The Challenge Cup Quarter & semi-finals were also drawn, more time allowed for those to be played.

Next meeting: Thursday March 24th at the Fleur (after that, will revert back to third Thursday of the month)
Dates to be given by 9th March
Knockouts to be played by Sunday 20th March
First named player is at home and responsible for giving dates, no neutral tables in quarter-finals (accept Challenge Cup).

Open Singles
Stuart May vs Chris Saville (at Red Cow)
Tim Bourner vs Ian Kingsland (at Red Cow)
Stuart Richardson vs Alan Smith (at Two Sawyers)
Neville Potts vs Craig Carlson (at Red Cow)

Division One Singles
Tim Bourner vs Chris Saville (at Red Cow)
Craig Brown vs Stuart Richardson (at Two Sawyers)
Craig Carlson vs Alan Smith (at Fleur)
Neville Potts vs Mark Graves (at red Cow)

Open Pairs
Mike Callanan & John Higgens vs Stuart May & Martin Lillywhite (at Magnet)
Derek Latham & Craig Carlson vs Wack Sampson & Tim Bourner (at Fleur)
Ricky & Warren Cowdrey vs Gareth Butcher & Alan Farra (at Magnet)
Alan Smith & Gary Clarke vs Neville Potts & Chris Saville (at Two Sawyers)

Challange Cup
venues to be confirmed in follow-up email later this weekend.  Those in first round, please try and play those earliest possible.  The winners of Red Cow B vs Magnet, please contact Market Inn B (rather than usual convention of first named team contacting the other). 
Red Cow B vs Magnet (neutral table tba)
Fleur de Lis vs Red Cow A (neutral table tba)
2 x byes


Fleur or Red Cow A vs Two Sawyers (table tba)
Market Inn B vs Red Cow B or Magnet (table tba)

Finally, here here those that have progressed to semi-finals so far, for those interested:
Division Two
Warren Cowdrey, Terry Laslett, Kurt King, Stuart May
Mixed Pairs
Mike & Lin Callanan, Craig Carlson & Ann Keen, Chris & Gill Saville, Graham Carlson & Cat Peel
Over 50s
Alan Smith, Mike Callanan, John Miller, Ricky Cowdrey
Ladies Singles
Vonnie Ryan, Ann Keen, Cat Peel, Kirsty Barnes
Ladies Pairs is currently straight to final (Cat Peel & Vonnie Ryan vs Gill Saville & Lin Callanan)