KNOCK-OUTS 2015-2016



Here are the draws for the Knockout competitions.

The draw was held at the committee meeting held at the Fleur de Lis on Thursday evening 19th November.


First drawn player is the home player and the match will be held on their table, dates to be given by the home player.

Dates to be given by 3rd December.

Matches to be played by 17th January.

Next meeting 21st January.


For the Open Singles there were 17 entries, so one match drawn only to take it down to the last 16.  All other competition are drawn to take them down the the last 8.  Any not drawn had 8 or less entries.

Will send the contact sheet with full list of entries later today.


Open Singles

Phil Rye (Two Sawyers) vs Mike Callanan

+ 15 byes


Division One Singles

Chris Saville (Red Cow) vs Mike Callanan

Tim Bourner (Red Cow) vs Wack Sampson

Derek Latham (Fleur de Lis) vs Craig Carlson

John Miller (Two Sawyers) vs Alan Smith

Phil Rye (Two Sawyers) vs Stuart Richardson

bye Neville Potts

bye Craig Brown 

bye Mark Graves


Division Two Singles

Ian Kingsland (Red Cow) vs Dave Howarth

Kurt King (Red Cow) vs Graham Carlson

Ricky Cowdrey (Magnet) vs Warren Cowdrey

Martin Lillywhite (Red Cow) vs Terry Laslett

bye Anne Keen

bye Cat Peel

vye Vonnie Ryan

bye Stuart May


Open Pairs

S Richardson & T Laslett (Two Sawyers) vs T Bourner & A Sampson

M Callanan & J Higgens (Magnet) vs K King & I Kingsland

M Graves & B Symes (Fleur de Lis) vs W Cowdrey & R Cowdrey

J Miller & C Brown (Two Sawyers) vs A Smith & G Clarke

bye C Carlson & D Latham

bye N Potts & C Saville

bye G Butcher & A Farra

bye M Lillywhite & S May


That's the lot for now.  As mentioned earlier, I will send full contact sheets through later.

Of the competitions not drawn, there are 8 entries for the Mixed Pairs, 7 for the Ladies Singles, 2 for the Ladies Pairs and 8 for the Over 50s.

Warren Cowdrey would like to enter the Landlords match, so if anyone knows of anyone else who may want to enter this, please let me know.


Please also consider if teams want to enter the Challenge Cup (the team knockout competition played wirth triangles and decided on aggregate scores).


So far, the Red Cow A are entering a team, as are the Fleur de Lis.