KNOCK-OUTS 2014-2015



Thursday 20th November the latest meeting was held at Betteshanger Bowling Club.  In a moment the draws, but first further dates for your diaries:


Next Meeting = Thursday 15th January at the Market Inn, Sandwich (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE)


Presentation Night - Friday 26th June 2015, Betteshanger BC booked.  MC Potts did a tremendous job of salvaging our Dinner & Dance last year at very short notice, and the commitee has approached him to coordinating it again next year, with much better notice!


Finals Day - pencilled in for end of April / beginning of May.  Venue tbc.  If anyone is going to be away at that time of year (especially if they are likely to be in more that one final :) ) please let us know and we will try and coordinate the finals day around that if possible.

Want to get this date finalised before the New Year gets too old, so date will be published for certain at the next meeting if not before.


Now the draws.  Only three competitions had more than 8 entrants, so only those were drawn, will send out contact sheets in the next few days.  This takes all competitions down to the quarter-finals.

The first named player(s) in each instance will be the home player, venue therefore in brackets after that player.


Dates to be given by 14th December

To be played by 11th January

It is expected the home players provide a scorer, unless otherwise agreed.



John Miller (Two Sawyers) vs Kurt King

Derek Latham (Market Inn backroom) vs Alan Smith

Mike Callanan (Magnet) vs Stuart Richardson

Mark Graves (Market Inn backroom) vs Chris Saville

Terry Laslett (Magnet) vs Ian Kingsland

Stuart May (Red Cow) vs Craig Carlson

Tim Bourner (Red Cow) vs Neville Potts

Martin Lillywhite = bye



Graham Carlson (Market Inn) vs Martin Lillywhite

Dave Howarth (Magnet) vs Craig Brown

Phil Rye (Two Sawyers) vs Stuart May

John Miller (Two Sawyers) vs Ann Keen

Ian Kingsland (Red Cow) vs Ward Griffiths

Warren Cowdrey = bye

Kurt King = bye

Terry Laslett = bye



Ward Griffiths / Dave Howarth (Magnet) vs Mark Graves / Baz Symes

Neville Potts / Chris Saville (Red Cow) vs Tim Bourner / Wack Sampson

Terry Laslett / Stuart Richardson (Two Sawyers) vs Stuart May / Martin Lillywhite

Mike Callanan / John Higgens (Magnet) vs Warren Cowdrey / + other

John Miller / Craig Brown (Two Sawyers) vs Alan Farra / Gareth Butcher

Derek Latham / Craig Carlson = bye

Ian Kingsland / Kurt King = bye

Alan Smith / Gary Clarke = bye



Many thanks