KNOCK-OUTS 2013-2014



The draws for the quarter finals of almost all the competitions was made this evening at Betteshanger Bowling Club, Deal.

Here they are, first named players are the home players (will put the tables in brackets).


Dates to be given by the home players by 30th Jan

To be played by 16th Feb

Next meeting: 20th Feb


Open Singles

Mike Callanan vs Derek Lartham (at the Magnet)

Dave Howarth vs Tim Bourner (Betteshanger Club

John Miller vs Chris Saville (at Two Sawyers)

Alan Smith vs Warren Cowdrey (at Two Sawyers)



Division One

Warren Cowdrey vs Chris Saville (At Bettehanger Club)

Alan Smith vs Derek Latham (at Two Sawyers)

Craig Carlson vs Tim Bourner (at Fleur de Lis)

Ward Griffiths vs Neville Potts (at Betteshanger Club)


Division Two

Thurne Evans vs Craig Brown (at Market Inn)

Ann Keen vs John Miller (at Market Inn)

bye Graham Carlson

bye Terry Laslett


Over 50s

Stuart Richardson vs Terry Laslett (at Two Sawyers)

Baz Symes vs Alan Smith (at Fleur de Lis)

John Miller vs Ward Griffiths (at Two Sawyers)

Mike Callanan vs Ann Keen (at Magnet)


Ladies Singles

Lin Callanan vs Ann Keen (at Magnet)

Lauren Chartres vs Donna Prior (at Market Inn)

bye Dawn Williams

bye Cat Peel


Open Pairs

Mark Graves & Baz Symes vs Stuart Richardson & Terry Laslett (at Fleur de Lis)

John Miller & Craig Brown vs Dave Howarth & Ward Griffiths (at Two Sawyers)

Neville Potts/Chris Saville  vs Craig Carlson & Derek Latham

Mike Callanan & John Higgens vs Alan Smith & Gary Clarke (at Magnet)